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Course Description

Our welding program is designed to be a two-year course.  High school students will earn 3 class credits per year and adult students will earn a total of 465 clock hour credit.  Any class credit questions you may have can be answered by our financial aid officer or guidance counselor.

As a student in our welding program you will learn several types of welding processes.  You will become familiar with Oxy-Fuel welding, cutting and brazing, Shield Metal Arc (Stick), Gas Metal Arc (MIG or Wire), Flux Cored Wire welding, Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG or Hili-Arc) and  to include Plasma and Carbon-Air cutting.

You will learn the proper welding processes to use for given jobs and how to identify different types of materials to use for those jobs.  A great deal of class time is devoted to building projects and doing various kinds of repairs and maintenance welding.

It is essential to utilize your math skills at all times.  In the manufacturing, construction, pipe-fitting, aerospace and food service industries good math skills is a very important part of your every day work with welding.  Modern industries has a demanding need for skilled individuals with varying degrees of technical training in welding.

With successful completion of our welding program you will become a productive employee in the welding field.  It is our goal to help you also find employment within  industries that you can use your welding expertise.  We have a well-qualified staff on our campus to help you with your employment needs.

Students will also learn which welding processes to use for given jobs and how to identify different types of metal.  Most of your class experience time is spent working on class projects and doing repairs for individuals so you can get experience in the various welding processes you have learned..