Course Description

Our Industrial Maintenance program is designed to prepare successful graduates for entry-level positions geared toward the support and maintenance of industrial systems including computer-controlled electrical and mechanical production equipment, material processing and material handling equipment, general maintenance, and facility support systems. 

Specific duties for an industrial maintenance employee may include regular inspections of buildings, grounds, and facilities to identify and resolve problems or potential problems, cleaning and lubricating machinery, testing and replacement of electrical switches, sockets, and plugs, or deteriorated pipes, and repair of floorings, railings, and appliances.  Some jobs may also require more common tasks such as basic plumbing, and fixing broken windows, doors, and locks.  More employer-specific work may include the installation, alignment, and balance of new equipment depending upon the company you are employed with.

Jobs may be found primarily in production and manufacturing in industries such as food processing, textile mills, chemicals, fabricated metal products, motor vehicles, and primary metals.  Other areas for jobs are government agencies, public utilities, and in general other establishments in which industrial machinery is used.

There is no minimum educational requirement, but as in many other industrial fields, applicants with postsecondary education are favored.  With successful completion of the program and all mandatory requirements met you will be issued a passport certification designed specifically for students at the Hannibal Career & Technical Center.