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Health Services

The Health Care Program is a two year program tailored to the individual's career goals.  First year students will explore occupations in the health field and learn about anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, infection control, human growth and development and basic communication skills.  Students will prepare for entry‑level health care employment or for continuing their education in a health care field once they join the workforce.  The program involves both classroom and clinical setting experiences.  This will enable the student to work toward their Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) certification (High School Students Only)  if they choose to continue work in the health care field.


During the second year the student will prepare for a specific occupational area in the health care field through an off campus internship experience.  They will have the option to choose two areas, one per semester and will also be required to do a research paper each semester related to that particular internship.  With successful completion of the self study portion of the program the student will be issued an Instructor's Certificate to enable him/her to work in various occupations.