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Course Description

Graphic Design is a one block class that introduces students in grades 10 thru 12 to the basics of  pre-press work and counter sales.   Students learn the basics of Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.  These software programs are used to apply knowlege of design gained in class.  Printing estimating, billing, & scheduling are also part of the Graphic Design curruculum.

Graphic Arts I is designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs in the printing trades.  Skills may be developed to the student's utmost potential.  Related instruction will be presented on a broad, basic level.

Studetns will receive practical shop experience in desktop publishing; operate both Macintosh and IBM compatible computers; layout, design; arrange pasteup, artwork and photographs according to layout; operate process camera; expose and develop negatives; strip negatives into flats for platemaking; offset press operation; basic screen printing; and much more!

In Graphic Arts II students further develop the skills learned in GA I.  Students move on to advanced levels of desktop publishing and concentrate much more on darkroom work, platemaking, operation of the offset printing press, and finishing and bindery work.  GA II students who meet academic and attendence standards may concider On The Job Training (OJT) in the spring semester.  OJT gives them the opportunity to get real world experience while still enrolled in school.