General Policies and Information

Additional Policy Information – Students are responsible to know the school policies documented in the High School Student Planner or the Hannibal Career and Technical Center Planner that you receive the first day of classes.  The booklet is free and is updated each year.  It contains a planning calendar, school policies, and other useful information.  Students are encouraged to obtain, read, and utilize this resource.


Assignments – Students must read the required chapters for the units prior to the class sessions.  Tests may be based on reading or written assignments; therefore, it is essential to read the material and complete assigned work.  Late assignments will be handled as follows:

·        1 day late = 20% off

·        2 days late = 40% off

·        No paper will be accepted over 2 days late.

·        It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missed work due to absence!!!  The number of days absent will be equivalent to the number of days allowed for make-up.  If you are absent one day and a test is given that day, you will be required to take that test the day you return to school.


Attendance – If you are not in class, you cannot learn effectively.  Lack of attendance can have a negative impact on any student certification that may be associated with course completion.  Students should notify the instructor as soon as they know they will not be in attendance.  The student is responsible to ensure any work due is turned in on time and for getting notes and information from any session missed. 


Exams and Tests –Midterm and Final exams will be comprehensive.  Most test and exam answers can be found in the course textbooks or handouts.  However, anything presented or discussed in the classroom or in Lab sessions may be used to formulate test questions.  Test may be given at the beginning or anytime during a class/lab session.  Students should be prepared by ensuring they have studied and read the required chapters.  Exams and tests not taken at the scheduled time will be given a grade of zero until completed.  The student is responsible for making arrangements with the instructor to make-up the missed test or exam.   


Expectations – To facilitate an environment that is conducive to learning, certain expectations are required of each of us.

·        Be in your seats, quiet and ready to work when the bell rings.

·        No eating or drinking in the classroom.

·        Please do not talk while your teacher or another student is addressing the class.

·        Treat all classroom equipment with care.

·        Clean up your work area and labs when the class period ends.

·        Students should be prepared to take notes and write down assignments daily.

·        It is expected that the student will work independently at solving problems on his/her own before seeking help from the instructor. 

        This aids in troubleshooting future computer problems and builds individual confidence.

·        Cheating will not be tolerated.


Grades –A grade is the result of a student’s effort. Grades are calculated on the total points earned, compared to the total points possible for the course.   EXAMPLE:  500 points were available and 472 were earned.  472 ¸ 500 = .944.  This would round to 94%.  Scores are rounded up at .005 or greater and rounded down for anything less than .005.  So a .944999 is a 94% and a .945000 is a 95%.  A letter grade is assigned to the percentage of points earned based of scale:

                                                A = 94 - 100%

                                                B = 86 - 93%

                                                C = 73 - 85%

                                                D = 65 - 72%

                                                F = 64 - below


Special Needs – If any student has need for special test taking, note taking, or other accommodations, please feel free to contact me so we may discuss our options.


Internet Rules

·        No Email during class hours unless otherwise instructed.

·        No downloads without getting permission ahead of time from the instructor.

·        Do not mess with computer desktops, file system, other people’s files or programs, etc.

·        Do not install games brought in from home.

·        NO CHAT ROOMS!

·        NO QUESTIONABLE SITES!  (i.e. – porn, occult, etc.)


Punishments are outlined in the Student Handbook and will be strictly enforced.