Week 24 Lesson Plan Addendum

This week’s lesson plan involves the setting up of a sample company. Depending upon the number of students in any given class, the positions of a typical small company will be filled from CEO to worker. The Instructor is the CEO in all cases. A COO (Chief Operating Officer is assigned as leader of the pack so to speak. He has under his organizational structure, three department heads – QC, Accounting, and Manufacturing.

Below is the company architecture – names are assigned as required

The CEO will issue tasks according to the needs he requires. The COO will report weekly following a weekly report format. All the Department heads will report to the COO on a weekly basis. The liaison officer between the morning and afternoon classes will report weekly on the differences and similarities between classroom methods and success or failures.

Sample forms for the setup of this company are attached and will vary from time to time. The tasks issued include a lot of form preparation, repair and documentation of all computers in area, document inventory of all parts and FRU’s.

There are 92 (as of this writing) computers and parts each needing testing and documentation. This company tasks can last up to a month in duration but usually by the end of the second week, interest wanes significantly, especially among the senior set.

Observation is the order of the day as far as grading is concerned. No actual test will be given but performance will be observed. Each task will concentrate on one individuals talented appointment area for observation. Problems observed will not in themselves be counted negatively on the grade. How they respond to the problem will however influence the grade tremendously.

Below is the work flow diagram for the company