Week 15 Lesson Plan Addendum

Quality Control – to ensure company reputation, product safety, customer satisfaction, and job security

Inspection Points

Screws installed

CD Audio Cable Installed

Blank Fillers installed

Extra Screws, etc. removed from inside case

Cover properly installed

Paper work properly completed

Clean inside

Drivers installed

Sound card functional

NIC card functional

Video card functional

CPU fan installed and operational

OS installed and boots

CD,s Removed

Memory removed (or installed)

Exterior cleaned

Front panel indicators working

Front panel reset switch functional

Front panel power switch functional

Front panel blank panels installed

IDE cables installed properly

Disk drives properly secured

Configuration compliance

Check off list versus entry page

Identification Data

Have students make their own forms, use them to inspect a computer, then rank and correct their forms – two or three day process for some

Configuration Management

Inventory forms – Required for Configuration Management accounting of a companies assets

To include but not be limited to:

Physical Plant – hardware items such as machines, tools, computers, furniture, vehicles, fire extinguishers, TV’s, uniforms, office products such as copiers, paper, paper clips, pencils, etc.

Manufacturing Inventory – usually treated separately from physical plant due to IRS rules and regulations – inventory used for cost of goods sold – physical plant part of overhead

Software – due to licensing rules and intellectual property rights, a separate inventory of the software loaded onto machines is usually required during audits

Safety Inspections

Process inspections done as a review of system operations to identify compliance with regulations on standard practices (OSHA)

Audit inspections done to verify compliance with the above standards and regulations

Have students create forms for each of the above, print them out and complete them.

Work Flow Documentation

When a company wishes to automate whatever process they use, one of the first thing that has to occur is to create an image of what process has to go first, second, etc. This process should be drawn using work flow documentation software (decision tree). After completion of the diagram, insertion points for quality control, safety, and other inspections need to be added and evaluated.

Have students create a diagram on the board for the work flow of building a computer assembly line.

Demonstrate the insertion of inspection points. Have students create documentation forms for specific areas of quality control, inventory, safety inspections, etc.

Evaluate the process for choke points, areas of contention, etc.

Inventory – Hardware

Create inventory forms for each computer in the classroom. Lecture on inventory purposes and economic necessity – cite IRS Cost of Goods produced forms, etc.

Inventory – Software

Demonstrate how Intellectual Property is just as accountable as hardware products for IRS accounting purposes. Detail licensing requirements and legalities for software products.