Internal Components Lecture

Distribute motherboards to each student.

Explain Rear connectors:

CPU – Central Processing Unit

Locate CPU on motherboard. Explain about number of wires between CPU, memory, buses, and disk drives.

Expansion bus types:

ISA - 8 bit (8 wires to CPU)

EISA -16 bits

PCI - 32 bits

AGP - 32 bits

Show bus wires on motherboards. Enter introductory explanation of binary numbering system. Explain how many wires are available is what determines how many memory addresses are available. Show exponents and review the math required for understanding of binary numbers. Also show how disk drives have more space than is logical according to the math. Leave open ended as to why this is.

Show Diagram of CPU-Memory-bus-disk drive connection

Go into in depth discussion of binary and addressing math.

Talk about Chip sets:

Remind students they need to know this for Certification tests but will not ever change on in the field – not field replaceable.

Talk about storage: Volatile vs. non-volatile

Permanent storage devices – disk drives, cd’s, other devices

Temporary storage ram sticks

Types of Ram:

Simm – Single inline memory module

30 pin and 72 pin styles – not much in use anymore

Dimm – Dual inline memory module

168 pin SDRAM – synchronous dynamic random access memory

184 pin DDR SDRAM – double data rate synch dyn ram

184 pin DDR2 SDRAM really fast

Rimm – Rambus inline memory module

Types of Dimm -

EIDE devices – up to 4 on a motherboard

Basic Electronics

Show diagram of closed circuit – add switch – add resistance

Go into discussion of power connections and formulas and conversions

Introduce voltmeter

Demonstrate voltmeter