Course Description

Computer Service Technician II:

This course is a continuation of Computer Technician I and will help the student gain the knowledge, computer skills, and customer relation skills essential for a successful entry-level computer service technician position.  This class will allow students to prepare him/herself to begin the CompTIA A+ or Microsoft certification paths.  After completion of this course, candidate must pass a set of two tests that includes knowledge of hardware and software in order to obtain their CompTIA A+ certification.


Course Prerequisites:

Prerequisite:  Computer Network Technology I with a minimum final grade of C.


Materials, Supplies & Equipment:

Students are required to bring a CD or DVD for software distribution. Toolkits are an option, but will help enable all students to participate in lab time without having to share the school tool kit.  A three ring binder or at least a folder will be necessary and a spiral for taking notes.


Course Textbooks:

Text Title




Survey of Operating Systems

Jane Holcomb

Charles Holcomb


McGraw Hill

Mike Meyers



Meeting Days & Times:


Lab room:

Monday - Friday

9:25 - 10:55 am

1:00 - 2:35 pm


Room 205V, Hannibal Career & Technical Center

Room 205V, Hannibal Career & Technical Center