Networking II Lesson Plan Week 35 Addendum

Writing Formal Procedures

This lesson is about procedures. Writing procedures can be a full time job and the effective technician will become expert at this task. The technician that writes and maintains the troubleshooting manual that contains these procedures will be the one that rockets to the head of the department or even to the head of the IT department. This task is even more important to any large company than the actual repair itself. Write procedures on the following tasks:

How to install Nic card

How to install drivers for

Nic cards

Install DHCP on a PC

Install DNS on a PC

Setup a static IP on a PC

Setup TCP/IP on a PC

Setup IPX on a PC

Setup Netbui on a PC

Setup workgroups on a PC

Setup domain on a PC

Install second Nic card (dual homing)

Create a list of troubleshooting tips for these symptoms

Node down

Segment down

Slow loading

Virus discovery


Inappropriate calling of the Internet

Router misconfiguration

Install Linux

Install printers locally

Install printers networked

How to setup share

How to control the network neighborhood

Connector Pinouts

Troubleshooting Methodology Description

How to edit the registry

Configure a router

Password recovery on a router

Configure a switch

Password recovery on a switch

Setup a hub

How to capture a configuration file on a router

How to setup a HyperTerminal session

Make network maps

IP addressing tables

Binary conversion tables

How to build cables

Documentation of cables

Labeling procedures

Setup web server

Email server

DHCP server

DNS server

Print Server

Multimedia Streaming and stations

Sharing and Permissions

Install network printer w/ sample test page printouts

Map a network drive

Network monitoring

Windows monitors

Protocol analyzers

Network analyzers

Ping, telnet, ftp, tracert, etc

Cabling Pinouts, color codes, etc.