Week 23 Lesson Plan Addendum


Continued Router Commands and Configuration


Session Setup

Connection to a router console port. Connect using a dumb terminal setup to serial Port speed 9600

Stop bits 1

Data bits 8

Mode hardware control

Parity none

Or connect through HyperTerminal using same connection settings.

In HyperTerminal turn on capture by clicking on the transfer tab and choosing capture from the pull down menu. This will capture all that appears on the screen during the HyperTerminal session. The resultant file will need editing to remove unwanted and spurious entries made during the session for a final printing. The file can then be printed or saved as per normal.

Review of configuration mode:

Two modes of user on Cisco routers. Prompt indicates the level of user permission. > prompt indicates user mode and can change nothing – just look see. # prompt indicates executive control and you can change it all. When the router is first powered on, it enters user mode. To get to Exec mode, type enable, followed by the password. Prompt will change from > to # Prompt will change from > to #.

Separate commands

To see commands and syntax on a router type the command followed by a question mark.

This will list all commands and switches available. Below is just a sample of available commands of interest to us here.

To configure a device, type the name of the device followed by its number such as

Interface serial 0 or line console 0

Cisco Discovery Protocol

CDP is not initiated automatically on CISCO routers that use OS version 10.3 and later. To enable CDP, on all ports, enter configuration mode for each port, then type

Cdp enable

Show cdp interface

Show cdp neighbors

Show cdp neighbors detail

telnet (neighbor name)

show cdp neighbor (to read their table and compare to your own)

This procedure is documented on page 211 of the Cisco Networking Academy Lab Companion page 211. Each student will have to accomplish this procedure and produce the printout and that will take a considerable amount of time.