Course Description

Computer Network Technology I:

This course is designed to provide students with classroom and lab experience in current and emerging network technology that will empower them to enter employment and/or further education and training in the computer network field.  Instruction includes network fundamentals, network terminology and protocols, safety, network standards and topologies, LANs, WANs, OSI model, cabling and routing. 


Course Prerequisites:

Suggested Prerequisite:  One entry level computer class, Algebra I


Materials, Supplies & Equipment:

Students are required to bring a CD or DVD for software distribution. Toolkits are an option, but will help enable all students to participate in lab time without having to share the school tool kit.  A three ring binder or at least a folder will be necessary and a spiral for taking notes.


Course Textbook:

Text Title





Introduction to Networks and


Dr. Paul J. Fortier

Hector J. Caban


McGraw Hill




Meeting Days & Times:


Lab room:

Monday - Friday


Room 205V, Hannibal Career & Technical Center

Room 205V, Hannibal Career & Technical Center