Computer Network Technology I

The text used in this course is

Introduction to Networks and Networking

Authored by Dr. Paul J. Fortier and Hector J. Caban


    The study of the subject matter in this class relies upon the above text but there are many off road trips. To maximize your study of this subject, you should read the chapters as assigned and do the chapter review questions at the end of each chapter. These chapter review questions are not graded and do not need to be handed in. However, it is highly recommended that you, as a student, get to know the glossary terms presented in each chapter. Without knowing what these terms mean, you will NEVER be successful in this field. While it is not a requirement of this class to memorize anything, it is emphasized that you very carefully memorize these acronyms and their meanings. This knowledge will be tested.

     I will assign a chapter to be read, the week prior to its discussion and application in the classroom. (The schedule for the entire years assignments is given in the Schedule of Weeks presented on these pages). At the end of each chapter discussion there will be a 40-65 question test that includes multiple choice, true false, complete the sentence, and some essay style questions. These tests normally occur on Fridays but may be rescheduled depending upon events (such as weather, etc.)

Remember that the purpose of this class is to teach you a trade. When you complete this class, having completed all the requirements as I present them, you are eligible to become a certified networking technician (by passing a nationally recognized examination that parallels this course).

Now: each of the Chapters lesson Plans and the Lecture accompanying each Lesson Plan are given below. You may read ahead (but it is a little dry reading) and feel free to read the additional reading recommendations presented.

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