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Principles of Fish and Wildlife

Principles of Fish and Wildlife Management

866910-11-12 1 Credit 05-06


Fish and Wildlife Management deals with our understanding of the sciences of zoology and ecology, including the principles of science that are related to the life, growth, structure or anatomy, and classification of individual animal species. It also addresses our understanding of how the earth and the various ecosystems function. Specific information will be presented about the wild animals that are found in the North American ecosystem. Issues of conserving and managing fish and wildlife populations will be addressed. Lab or shop work will be a part of the course as it relates to the areas of study. Each student will be required to have a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program in a area of production agriculture, agribusiness, or one of the areas of classroom study. FFA will be an integral part of the course, offering the opportunity to be involved in leadership activities and to receive recognition for accomplishments made pertaining to classroom achievements.


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Natural Resource Management, Ecology or Biology