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College Credit through Articulation

Through a process called articulation, it is possible for students who meet high academic standards and complete competency-based technical training to earn college credit while taking selected classes at the Hannibal Career and Technical Center.

The articulation process is designed to move students smoothly from one level of instruction to another without duplication of instruction at their post-secondary institution. With this objective in mind, instructors from various post-secondary institutions and HCTC instructors have collaborated to compare HCTC class content and competencies. This information is used to set up a program called articulation that allows students the possibility of obtaining articulated college credit by learning at HCTC the equivalent competencies taught in entry level vocational courses at the post-secondary institution.

Students benefit by:

  • Not repeating course competencies already mastered while in high school
  • Earning advanced credits while in high school and needing fewer college courses to graduate
  • Saving tuition money if length of college stay is shortened because the student does not have to take and pay for the articulated courses at the post-secondary level

Students who desire to earn articulated credit through designated HCTC courses must meet all of the requirements of the post-secondary institution granting the credit.  This normally includes a 3.0 GPA in HCTC classes, enrollment in the corresponding post-secondary program, and completion of at least 12 hours at the post-secondary institution.  Students desiring articulated credit need to work closely with their HCTC instructor and HCTC counselor to insure they understand the articulation requirements of the post-secondary institution they plan to attend.