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Vision, Mission, and Goals

 Vision Statement

We prepare our students for success in the workplace.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Hannibal Career & Technical Center is to provide students with the academic, occupational, and work-place readiness skills to become tomorrow's business and industry leaders.



•  Provide educational opportunities for the improvement of communication arts and mathematics skills through the transition to practical application.

•  Provide opportunities for students to develop occupational safety habits.

•  Provide the necessary equipment, teaching aids, and facilities to maintain an up-to-date teaching program.

•  Maintain a Program of Study for each subject area to guide students in the logical order of their chosen career pathway.

•  Provide learning experiences which promote rigor, relevance, and relationships in line with specific industry standards which will lead to technical skill attainment.

•  Provide exiting students with the tools needed to continue their education in a related post-secondary field and/or a high demand, high wage job.

•  Provide a learning environment to encourage at-risk students to persist to graduation and post-secondary achievement.